What makes Hollis’ tutoring unique and effective is her knowledge of the neurodevelomental functions that are required for each learning task. She can pinpoint the specific strengths and breakdown points supporting or challenging your child’s academic success. With this information she can target intervention to your child’s unique learning profile. Hollis is highly trained to work with students with a variety of learning disabilities including Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder, and Executive Function Disorder. However, your child does not need to have a diagnosis to benefit from Hollis’ tutoring services.

Transform Boundaries Student Tutoring

Reading Decoding/Fluency and Spelling

Automatic and accurate reading decoding and spelling requires the ability to process and use the sounds and symbols of the English language. To many students, this is a secret code that must be cracked. Research has proven that multi-sensory, systematic and sequenced, explicit instruction in the “code” changes the synapses in the brain and improves reading skills. Hollis was trained in, and uses this Orton-Gillingham based method. Since one size does not fit all, she was also trained in the Lindamood-Bell method which works on building sensory-cognitive processes that are pre-requisites of reading. In addition, Hollis’ years of teaching reading has provided her with a plethora of strategies, games, activities, and methods for teaching decoding and spelling to students of all ages.


Reading Comprehension

Once a student can decode fluently, the student moves from learning to read, to reading to learn. Some students require direct instruction in how to make meaning from text. Hollis will teach your child active reading strategies, how to identify the main idea and supporting details, how to use story structure for understanding, how to visualize while reading, how to make inferences and predictions, and how to ask questions while reading to self-monitor and check for understanding. Skills will be taught and then applied within your child's current reading requirements where applicable. For students with significant language delays, Hollis uses the Lindamood-Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing program which develops concept imagery. This provides a base for comprehension and higher order thinking.

" I can’t thank you enough for helping Max learn how to read. His confidence improved after your first session and his skills were soon to follow. He now chooses to read for pleasure! We still use the basketball strategy for studying for spelling tests. He is a much happier kid thanks to your work with him."
— Rachel Gold, New York, NY



Writing is one of the most complex tasks asked of students in school. It requires an orchestra of skills and cognitive processes to work in harmony in order to produce a quality written product. Hollis was trained in Teaching Basic Writing Skills (the method used at the Windward School for students with language based learning disabilities) as well as Self-regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) a method proven to raise writing achievement. This method teaches the structure of various writing genres using mnemonics and self-regulation strategies to help students remember what to do, how to do it, and how to talk themselves through the challenging parts of the writing process.



Hollis specializes in identifying what is getting in the way of math success and targeting intervention to fill in the missing gaps and build the specific skills necessary to improve math performance. She specializes in building number sense to improve your child’s quantitative reasoning which is the foundation that all math builds upon. She can also help your child understand math concepts and learn the 8-Step Model Drawing strategy for solving word problems.

"Hollis has helped our son develop stronger ELA and math skills through carefully thought out, engaging and often playful individualized instruction using both time-tested techniques and cutting-edge methodologies. Clearly she cares deeply about our son's progress and he always enjoys meeting with her."
— Bob and Aileen, Accord, NY


Study Skills

Not all students innately know how to study or manage their time for long term assignments. There are specific strategies and skills required. Hollis will teach your child memory techniques, test taking strategies, time-management systems, and study methods to improve academic performance.

Students Improve through Tutoring

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