Raise the Achievement for Struggling Learners

StudentTransform Boundaries has a proven record of helping schools raise the achievement of struggling learners. We will work with you to develop a plan of action to move your struggling students forward in order to reach their academic goals.

To create an effective action plan, we will take a deep look at student data, observe classroom instruction, talk with teachers, leaders and students, and look at psycho-educational reports and IEPs. In addition, we will look at students' past intervention history and present intervention schedules.

Using the information gathered and talking with instructional leaders, a success plan will be developed to move your students forward. Transform Boundaries can provide ongoing support in the implementation of the success plan or provide periodic check-ins along the way to help you refine the plan as it evolves.

"Our reading assessments yielded data that showed students in the upper grades were reading
below grade level. Ms. Dannaham used this data to brainstorm and implement programs
to support our students' learning which resulted in improved reading achievement."

— Morty Ballen, Founder/CEO, Explore Network of Schools

A deeper look at some students may become necessary.

We have all come across those students who perplex us. They may or may not have a diagnosis or an IEP but they are not responding to high quality interventions and services. For these students discovering their specific neurodevelopmental strengths and weaknesses can be the turning point for academic success.

  • We can train your support services faculty to understand the neurodevelopmental functions of the brain that go into learning, use assessment tools and look at student work to develop learning profiles and then develop classroom Learning Success Plans.


  • We can come to your school and assess 4-5 students in a day. Create Learning Success Plans for those students and then come back for a day of demystification* for the students, teachers, and, optionally, the parents.

*Demystification is when the student's learning profile is explained. Often this is an empowering experience for the student and it provides the teacher with a deeper understanding of how the student learns, what is getting in the way of learning, and strategies to use in the classroom to help the students reach their academic goals.