Learning success profiles and plans

Hollis uses a variety of academic and neurodevelopmental assessments to determine your child’s unique learning profile. The results identify your child’s learning assets and challenges in the domains of memory, attention, language, spatial ordering, sequential ordering, higher order cognition, and grapho-motor function. Using this individualized learning profile, a plan is created to utilize assets and target challenges. The plan includes what can be done at home, in the classroom, and in tutoring (if tutoring is necessary). NOTE: This assessment does not generate a diagnosis and does not replace a full psycho-educational evaluation.

“The learning profile and plan you created for Beth was so reaffirming. It was the first time someone described Beth with her strengths and isolated challenges. Up until then, she was labeled and teachers held low expectations for her. The plan helped us work with her at home and helped the teacher understand what could be done to help Beth have academic success. We wanted you to know that she is in college now and is doing great! Thanks again for your compassion and clarity.” — Mr. and Mrs. Davies, Brooklyn, NY


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