Behavior Management

behavior managmentNo matter how fantastic your teaching practices are, if the students' behavior is disruptive, teaching and learning cannot occur. In addition, with the new special education reform requiring schools to service more severe cases, solutions to behavioral problems are more necessary than ever.

Transform Boundaries can offer our years of experience working with severely emotionally disturbed children and adolescents to devise classroom and individual behavioral interventions. We can train you and your faculty to implement a proven daily "Magic Circle" to build a classroom community and train your students how to communicate and express their complex feelings in appropriate ways. We will teach you the best practices in therapeutic education.

"Hollis has helped me realize that students need to have their emotional needs met in order for their
learning to begin. Thanks to Hollis' "Magic Circle" students are opening up and feeling
more comfortable. As a result, more learning is taking place. Thank you Hollis!"

— Megan Thomas, 12:1:1 Teacher, Excel Charter School

"Ms. Dannaham's classroom programs have been a model of excellence in therapeutic education.
The academic program is richly developed, and Ms Dannaham's style invites curiosity
and ignites her student's previously lost enthusiasm for learning."

— Jackie Hastings, Senior Unit Director, Clear View School