empowering charter schools


Our mission is to empower schools with the tools
and knowledge required to raise the achievement and meet
the needs of at-risk and special education students.

"Hollis' vast knowledge of the special education system is invaluable- you simply do not come across people with this level of expertise very often. She knows the intricacies of the SPED system and she knows the intricate needs of our scholars. This combination can turn around a child's life, a classroom and a school. With one-on-one coaching, curriculum development, and staff PD, she is certainly transforming the boundaries of our services at Explore Excel Charter School."
— Dana Bogle, Principal, Excel Charter School

about transform boundaries

Transform Boundaries emerged from a passion to facilitate joyful and effective learning for all students and joyful and effective teaching for all teachers. Many schools struggle to effectively support and raise the achievement of their complex and struggling learners. This negatively impacts the students, teachers, and administrators.

Most general education teacher training programs do not equip teachers with the knowledge and skills to differentiate curriculum to reach all of the learners in their classrooms. Even the veteran teacher may struggle to find solutions for handling some of the more complex behaviors and skill gaps that challenge today's children. Administrators who were not trained in special education may not know the best practices for self-contained classrooms or how to set up an effective Integrated Co-Teaching situation, or intervention program.

In addition, Response to Intervention (RTI) has become a mandate in many states. Many schools struggle to meet those mandates to provide an effective and sustainable intervention program. Transform Boundaries has a proven record of helping schools design effective RTI programs.

Let us help you to transform the boundaries of your current program into a pathway of academic and future success for your struggling students. Allow us to bring our expertise to your school in order to support your mission.

About the Founder

Hollis Dannaham, FounderWhen Hollis Dannaham was 11 years old, she was told that she would never go to college because of a learning disability. This early experience sparked in her a determination and drive that continues to this day. If she had allowed this professionally placed boundary to define her, she would not have completed a Bachelor degree in Psychology from Thomas Edison State College, a Master of Professional Studies in Elementary and Special Education from Manhattanville College, and a Master of Education in School Leadership and Administration from The College of Saint Rose. More importantly, she would not have had the opportunity to empower hundreds of children who also faced learning disabilities, emotional disturbances, and attention deficit disorders.

Hollis has a proven record of raising the achievement of struggling learners. She was the founding Special Education Coordinator at Explore Charter School and then became part of the leadership team as the Head of Support Services and later the Director of Academic Intervention. In these roles she assured that every child received what they needed to succeed as well as kept the school in legal compliance with federal and state mandates.

Hollis Teaching at Sacred HeartHollis has worked with pre-school through graduate school students. She facilitated the opening of Carmel Alternative High School for at-risk teens, which continues to be a haven for students on the fringe. She has extensive experience and success with emotionally disturbed students as well as a proven ability to pinpoint the exact neurodevelopmental breakdown that is getting in the way of a student's learning in order to target instruction for their academic success. She has presented a variety of dynamic professional development workshops and mentored many teachers. Click here to see her resume (PDF).

Hollis Mountain ClimbingHollis' passion for transforming boundaries led her to climb 14,000 ft. mountains, become a certified firewalk instructor, complete a triathlon, and become a certified yoga teacher. These life experiences have brought her many valuable insights when striving for success in any endeavor. Whatever challenge your school is facing, Hollis will bring her unique combination of determination, compassion, and experience to get the job done.

Hollis has been published in the journal Jewish Educational Leadership (download PDF).


"Hollis is a resourceful, creative, and solution oriented leader who is consistently
able to come up with new and innovative methods to meet the needs
of our students and teachers."

— Kinnari Patel-Smyth, Managing Director, Program, Explore Network of Schools