ADHD and Executive function coaching

"I always knew my daughter was smart and I couldn’t understand why she was failing most of her classes and not doing her assignments. You helped her organize, manage her time, and develop study skills. By the end of the year that you worked with her, she ended up winning an academic award for excellence. Thank you so much for helping Stephanie." — Elizabeth, New York, NY

Executive FunctionsDifficulties with attention and executive functions affect a students performance across all subject areas. Often you don’t understand why your child is not working to their potential. S/he is intelligent and shows high performance at times but gets poor grades or struggles with reading comprehension, structuring essays, math problem solving, planning projects, completing homework assignments, performing well on tests, and becoming active learners in the classroom. Hollis will teach students how to organize, plan, prioritize, manage time, maintain focus, self-assess, and study efficiently, using your child’s school work as a springboard. Hollis can set up organizational structures that can be used in school and at home to support your child’s success.


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